I’ve been on the telly. Here’s a few photos of me at the National Portrait Gallery, appearing on Sky Portrait Artist of the Year.


Latest Work:

Here’s a couple I’ve just finished recently.

Went to New York last year and it rained quite a lot, but we’re Cumbrians and we like it that way. This painting is based on a photo I took on 5th Avenue.  £220

I’ve been promising a rainy London scene for my wife for years now and she loves Jeff Rowland paintings, so rather than spend £700 on a print, I painted her this original in acrylic, what a cheapskate, eh … Not for Sale

Moot Hall in Keswick, The Lake District. A typical day in, I was going to say in November, but this could very easily be July. Oil on canvas £220

Futamura Commission for their Sakura Meeting Room. The brief was colourful Japanese temples, Mount Fuji and, of course, Sakura trees. Sold

Christening Commission Sold

Everything has dreams  £150

Oil on canvas - £200
Oil on canvas – £220 – Sold
Oil on canvas - £200
Oil on canvas – £220 – Sold


maggie-smith-300£10 Prints:

Original Limited Edition Oil Painting Prints for Sale – £10



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