Here’s my selfie. It’s part of my Me and Bradley Wiggins painting, showing me kicking Bradley’s butt down the Champs Elysees. I’ve included it here because it was either that or me as Clint Eastwood, so the choice was limited.

About-Me-smallRight, about me, or more accurately about this website…  Here’s the first question a website should ask itself: ‘Why am I bothering these poor innocent browsers?’

The reason this website is bothering you is because I’m 47 years old and I’m okay at stuff.

Yep, I know – inspiring. I’m okay at my job, I’m okay at cooking, I’m okay at feeding the stick insect and walking the dog, I’m okay at beating my kids at Monopoly (I’m pretty good at that actually), I’m an average hooverer and can cycle twenty miles no problem if it’s not too windy. So I’m okay at stuff and that’s great news.

But I want to be good at stuff.

No, that’s not quite right, I’m not greedy, I want to be good at one thing before they batten down the hatches. And when I say good I mean really good. I want to try and master one thing before I die. If I can say that I’ll be a happy man.

But, in order to be good you have to try. This might seem an obvious statement but its message seems to have eluded me for the last 47 years. I need to try and the trying starts now, documented on the pages of this website.

And that is the point of this website.


Ian Young
Portrait Artist,  Cumbria


Short Listed for Cumbrian Artist of the Year 2015

Painting and Drawing – London Art College
Multimedia Design – Birkbeck College, London

Recent 2015 Commissions:
Ken in his milking parlour
Jessica, aged 18 months
Sasha, aged 8
Keith, aged 65
Frank and Lea on their retirement
Jenna, aged 12
Hannah, aged 15