C-3PO (10″ x 8″ Print) – £5.00 free postage p&p


Buy all the Star Wars Droids Prints for £12.50



Star Wars Droid Prints – £12.50 free postage 


People don’t like C-3PO as much as R2D2. We think R2 is cute and C-3PO is a whinging pain in the butt, I disagree. R2D2 is just a slightly more advanced version of Dusty Bin (also cute) and if it wasn’t for C-3PO we wouldn’t know what the little cute guy was going on about.

In general R2 is braver, but don’t forget C-3PO helped rescue Han Solo from Jabba the Hut’s palace, he donated parts to repair R2 and if it wasn’t for C-3PO persuading the Ewoks to join the rebellion on Endor, the second death star wouldn’t have been destroyed and we’d all have been killed by Darth Vader’s evilness.

So come on, don’t be mean.


From original which was hand painted by me

Material: High quality print

Printed on Fine Art Paper

Only available to buy from the artist

Only ships within United Kingdom.


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