Be the star of your own cartoon.

My family is just as strange as yours I’m sure. If you’d like any of the cartoons shown below to be of your family instead:

  • Email or message me some photos of the family members involved.
  • Let me know which cartoon you’d like to star in.
  • And click on the Paypal button below.

I can change daughters to sons, fathers to mothers, whatever you want. It’ll probably take about a week to get to you.

They’re A5 (148 x 210mm) and printed with a velvet coating on thick  card. Perfect for framing.


Your family Cartoon – £30.00  free postage


Alternatively, you can buy these cartoons just as they are. They’re A5 (148 x 210mm) and have a velvet coating on thick 450gsm card. They cost £5.

Or you can buy them as a A6 greeting card with envelope. They cost £2.50

Just click on the one you like for more details.

Other Cartoons

I’m a cyclist and thought I looked like Bradley Wiggins until my daughter took a video of me in action. The video has been deleted and I’ve lowered my expectations about the Tour de France next year.

What I think I look like (148x210mm) – £5.00 free postage



I saw some sad looking bins in a back alley and wondered if they had any aspirations for the future. It turns out they do. Be nice to bins or you will face the consequences.

One Day (148x210mm) – £5.00 free postage



After a near deadly encounter with some radioactive hubba bubba, Chewing Gum Girl was born. She’s sticky and very irritating when she lies on the pavement.

Chewing Gum Girl (148 x 210mm) – £5.00 free postage



I like bubbles, I like rap and, best of all, I like bubble rap.

Bubble Rap (148 x 210mm) – £5.00 free postage



I don’t want you to be my best friend, but if I pass you every day in the corridor – a tiny smile, a little ‘Hi’, that’s all I’m asking.

You’re dead to me (148 x 210mm) – £5.00 free postage



Major breakthrough for space travel I think. But I’ve heard being in a vacuum for a long time really sucks…

Humans in a vacuum (148 x 210mm) – £5.00 free postage



It’s been a long day, there was traffic on the way home, I just want a minute, a tiny little minute before I’m up to my elbows in poo balls. Is that too much to ask?

Sentences that destroy your soul (148 x 210mm) – £5.00 free postage