I’ve thought of a concept and it’s entitled ‘Me Only Better.’ It came about when I was watching ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ at the weekend and I said to myself (because no one else would watch it with me), if I was a cowboy this is what I’d be like.


This is absolute coswallop since I would make the worsed cowboy in the world, having not had a fight since the playground and being scared of guns. Putting that aside, I decided to draw Clint with my head.

I’ve done a sketch of Clint so far.


Before you look at the photo you have to know one important fact – I don’t have a cowboy hat but my daughter does. Also, the expression on my face is supposed to be ‘mean’ and not ‘constipated’


Okay, forget about the photo, here’s my sketch. I’ve tried to make me look a bit butcher in the drawing.


1. Started the painting and here it is:


It feels a bit egotistical painting myself as Clint but artists do a lot of self portraits, so if I’m going to do one I might as well make myself look good.



My face still looks a bit unnatural (people say that to me all the time) so I’m going to have one more attempt at getting it right before I move on.

6. A bit more work on my face. My wife says it’s the same expression I have when I’m about to sneak a fart out at Grandma’s house, not the exact look I was going for. But I am about to have a three way shoot out with Lee Van Cleefe and the mexican bloke, Eli Wallach, so maybe it is accurate.


Me as Clint

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