Our friends Doug and Paula made my wife and I godparents to their daughter Jessica which we were over the moon about. But, since I haven’t quite made my mind up about religion, instead of taking her to church every Sunday and talking about Jesus frequently, I decided a painting would be in order to exonerate me from my religious duties. So here’s the photo:

jessica -small


and here’s the sketch:


I mixed a bit of pink and got going.


And then I did this.


I don’t want to put the blame on anyone else but my daughter advised me again. She likes pink, and babies apparently love pink, so I painted the background pink and not a very nice pink. Move on to the next picture quickly please.


I decided the background should stay true to the original photo and whipped out the Van Dyke brown (my daughter wasn’t happy).


I made the background look a bit more like the cushions of our sofa, narrowed the cheeks a little and and added stripes and some detail to the face.



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