Continuing the ‘Me Only Better’ theme, I’ve lumped together with Photoshop a picture of me kicking Bradley Wiggin’s butt down the Champs Elysees. As you will notice Bradley is not wearing the yellow jersey and that’s because I’ve got it on underneath my jacket.


I’ve never had my photo taken while cycling and, frankly, I’m disappointed.

1. Did a quick sketch while watching ‘Tom Daley Goes Global.’ It wasn’t my idea. I can’t stand that bit on ‘Splash’ when the celebs take their dressing gowns off. Why do that? Why? Anyway, the kids like Tom, and it kept them quiet while I drew this just to get into it.


To make it more pleasing to the eye I’ve used the golden ratio, my right eye being the point where the golden ratio finishes off.

2. Splattered some paint on, that’s all I can say about this. I enjoyed it though.


3. Decided to put Bradley back in yellow, makes the victory even sweeter. Alternatively, there was a little bit too much black in the picture so yellow should brighten up the corner.


4. I’m struggling with the background. I want speed and a bit of colour but it still needs to look three dimensional. At the moment it’s none of those things.


Off to Brighton for a weekend of eating and drinking – on Monday, a stone heavier and hungover, Bradley might have a chance of victory.

5. I’m knackered, just thought I’d let you know that.

Had a great weekend in Brighton (thanks Darren and Flo). However, driving 700 odd miles and drinking what must have been a lot of beer and wine seems to have left me a little fatigued and ten years older. Under these conditions I’ve made an attempt to make the background better. I won’t be able to comment on whether it’s better until I can open my eyes fully without pain.



6. It was a Bank Holiday weekend so I had a bit of time to finish off the painting. I’ve darkened and blurred the background to make us look faster, I’ve added detail to my face, hands and jacket and also to Bradley’s face to make him look a bit more puffed out.


The background still looks messy but maybe that’s okay since we’re going so fast.

7. Blurred the background a little more and I’ve peaked with this, so I’m finished. I took the painting out into the back garden for the photo just to take advantage of the natural light. It was very dull (I live in Cumbria) and about to rain so the colours are a bit darker than the photos I’ve taken indoors but I like it better.

Me and Bradley - finish

Me and Brad

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