This isn’t a photo I took at the Queen concert, Wembley Stadium, 1986, although it looks a lot like it. This is actually the most amazing photo ever taken.

If you’re not convinced, wipe the bogies off your screen, give it a little dust and take a look down the right hand side. Can you see it? In the light band, just below half way. That dot. Yep, that’s you. And me. And every single person who has ever existed.

In February 1990, Voyager One left the solar system. Before it did, Carl Sagan suggested turning its camera around and taking one last photo for old times sake. That dot is the earth from 3,762,136,324 miles away.

I don’t know about you but feeling insignificant takes a bit of the pressure off, doesn’t it? Who would expect anything from that dot? It’s too small, too insignificant. You can’t see my overdraft from out there. Compared the number 3,762,136,324 to my Mastercard bill and it seems okay, ish.  Everything is in perspective from that distance.

The general feeling I get from this photo is that we’ve all got a little too into ourselves. Look at us. Everything that’s ever happen to any of us took place on that tiny dot in the middle of nowhere.

One wipe of your computer screen and its gone.

Sometimes not feeling that great, feels great.

Pale Blue Dot