Philippa’s dog Sasha, I painted it for here birthday (she asked me to). Don’t worry we bought her a present as well

1. It’s Philippa’s birthday on Saturday so I’d better get cracking with this. This is the photo she wants me to paint:


And this is my rough sketch:


2. Got the initial paint on, a combination of yellow ochre, burnt umber and white for Sasha and Alizarin Crimson for the table.


I haven’t a clue what I’m going to do with the background because I haven’t got time to do the wall. Maybe just some vague ‘wally’ colours…

The bench looks a bit wonky as if Sasha might fall off, need to sort that out.

3. Unwonkied the table and added some detail to Sasha’s face. The eyes are always tricky. On the photo she looks a bit sleepy which came across as drugged up on the painting so I tried to make her look more alert, don’t know whether this has worked.


The background is awful, just thought I’d point that out.

Just had an idea. Sasha looks a bit thoughtful so I was thinking of adding a dreamy bubble up on the top left with a picture of Philippa in it to imply Sasha is thinking about Philippa. A more realistic painting would be a dreamy bubble with a fried sausage in it but let’s go with Philippa…

4. Decided against the thought bubble. It’s Philippa’s birthday party tonight so I thought I’d better get it finished.



5. At the party drank too much prosecco with cointreau and something else that made it look pink. For a northern bloke who likes to drink smelly beer it was a bit of a change but the hangover felt exactly the same.

The good news is Philippa said she liked the picture so that’s good. If it’s hanging up in the dog kennel next time I go round I’ll know she was lying.


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