WARNING: There’s maths on this page.

The Golden Ratio is this number 1.6180339887…. (also known as phi) this value is an approximation since the decimals keep going on and on forever. If you keep dividing a rectangle into the ratio 1: 1.618 (I’ve truncated the number because I find typing numbers to infinity tiresome) then you get this pattern:

golden-ratioThis swirly line is called the Fibonacci Spiral and it occurs a lot in nature, in galaxies, in shells, in our bodies. It is said that the closer our proportions adhere to the golden ratio the more attractive we are (there are even golden ratio beauty calculators but this site must have had a few glitches when I tried my face on it, load of rubbish).

Leonardo loved the Golden Ratio.


The Great Pyramid was designed around the ratio.


In short, if it’s good enough for the universe, Leonardo and the Eygptians then it’s good enough for me.

That’s why I’ve given it a try in Brad and Me

Thanks for reading.

Ian Young

The Golden Ratio
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