I completed all 214 of the Lake District Wainwright Fells today. Not all today, that would be something to brag about, it’s taken me about two years. Today was the last one, Haystacks. Almost every Sunday morning at 7.00am, I’ve grabbed my boots, threw a cheese and jam sandwich into my rucksack and headed out.

Here’s me on the top of Haystacks.

I left Haystacks till last because it was Wainwright’s favourite, so I camped with my best bud Pete near Innominate Tarn and drank a couple of beers, can you tell.

We’re old we still haven’t mastered looking directly at the camera with selfies.

During this period I’ve painted a few landscapes, based on sketches and photos I took on my travels. Here’s a selection.

The Wainwright Fells

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